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Safety and Equipment

Running one of the most exciting white-water rivers in Europe demands attention to details and safety. At Engadin Adventure safety is present at every level of our operation. Each year we undergo a safety audit that is carried on behalf of Safety in Adventures foundation of Switzerland by the SGS. Passing these audits confirms that we follow industry best practice standards and operate in accordance legal statutes as laid out by Swiss Federal Law.

Our rafting guides at Engadin Adventure have at least 5 years of international rafting experience and are Swiss and internationally licensed. Our guides are also qualified white-water rescue technicians and are first aid qualified.
Engadin Adventure uses high quality international rafting equipment from recognized white-water outfitters and all of our guests are fitted out with neoprene wetsuits, neoprene shoes, jackets, white-water rafting buoyancy aids and helmets before we go on the river.

Answers to frequently asked questions

How do I book a trip?

You can book by phone, e-mail ( or through our website. Please tell us how many people are coming, which tour you prefer and on which day you want to go rafting. We will then send you a confirmation. If you are alone or are a couple then you can generally book right up until the trips depart however if you are a group we recommend booking at least 1 to 2 weeks before your preferred departure date.

How can I pay?

Generally our guests pay immediately before departure at our rafting base. We accept all major credit cards or if you wish you can pay cash (Swiss Franc or Euros). For larger groups we organise a bill ahead of the trip.

What do I need to bring?

All you need is a towel, swimming costume, money (you may want to buy a photo or t-shirt) and yourself, all the gear that you need on the river you will get from us. This includes a neoprene wetsuit, neoprene booties, neoprene jacket, lifejacket and helmet.

What do we get to eat?

There is a little something after every trip; we call this après raft. For example, cookies and mineral water for the kids, a beer for Dad or a shandy for Mum. If you take part in a full day trip then you get a barbecue lunch, this includes a pork steak (one), potato, salad, tomatoes, mineral water, tea, coffee and cookies.

Will I get wet?

Yes…we just can’t say how wet.

What happens if I fall in the water?

Then you are really going to get wet….however after the safety talk and the training that you have had at the beginning of the trip you will know what to do…assume the position…the white-water floating position.

How many people fit onto a raft?

Our Incept white-water rafts take a maximum of 7 paddlers plus the guide. This number may change due to changes in river conditions. It may be that we have to divide some groups up because of this. Sorry….but safety comes first.

Do rafting trips get cancelled because of bad weather?

Seldom…we give our guests high quality wetsuits, booties and jackets that protect against the elements; you are going to get wet anyway so you may as well go rafting when it rains. However extended periods of rain may cause the river to rise and force us to change planned trips…if you have any questions you can call us at +41 81 861 14 19
Tagestouren und Vormittagstouren um 10:20 und Nachmittagstouren um 13:20 direkt bei unserer Basis in Scuol.

When do we meet?

Day trips, morning and family trips meet at 10:20 at the latest, the meeting time for afternoon trips is 13:20.

What’s the minimum age for rafting?

The minimum age for a normal rafting trip is 14, however on family trips we have a minimum age requirement of 8 or 1.2m (please note that while a child my be old enough, if they do not fulfil the minimum height requirement they cannot go on the river)