Familien Trottinet Ftan Panoramasicht Trottinetstrecke Familien Trottinet Ftan Panoramasicht Trottinetstrecke

Mountain Scooters

TICKETS can be bought at the Valley Station of the Gondola.

GROUPS please book or reserve for beforehand.

OPENTIMES match with gondola opening times,

DURATION ca. 1 hour.

Scooters or kick-bikes have again become popular over recent years and in Scuol and they are great way to enjoy some outdoor adventure. You don’t need special skills to ride one of our mountain scooters and riders of all ages can safely ride the trail from the top station of Motta Naluns 10 kilometers to the bottom station in Scuol. Our scooters are especially built for riding our trail and have big tires, disc-brakes, extra strong frames and are available in two sizes. Helmets are included in all our rentals and we encourage our guests to make use of them.

The mountain scooter trails (10 km)

Our mountain scooter trail starts at the top station of the ski lift, Motta Naluns (2150m). The trail heads west from the main building and starts with a slightly ascending section. The trail passes through alpine meadows and pine forests as it leads you past the Prui alpine restaurant and on to the picturesque village of Ftan. Please be aware that the trail is not exclusively for scooters and that you may encounter farm or forestry vehicles on the road. Just before reaching the village of Ftan you will pass another ski station, here you will find spare scooters should you require (in case of a flat tire for example). The trail turns left leads you through Ftan Pitschen (little Ftan).

In Ftan we recommend taking a break and enjoying some of the mineral or spring waters that you’ll find at the fountains around the village. From Ftan the trail drops down towards Scuol and is a little narrower and steeper before zigzagging to ski station at the end of the run, please take extra care not to go too fast on this section. At the bottom station of the ski lift you return your scooter and helmet.

Mountain Scooter Sales

At season end we sell some of our older scooters. You can send an e-mail to reserve a scooter should we have some available. At present we are selling some of our pre-loved Kickbikes for between CHF 90.- and CHF 150.- depending on the condition of the scooter.

In autumn we will be selling some of our silver ASP scooters (new price CHF 1’198.-) for between CHF 100.- and CHF 180.- depending on the condition of the scooter.

Prices in Swiss Francs 1 run
(Includes lift ticket)
1 run with ½ price card
(Includes lift ticket)
1 run from the top station (does not include lift ticket)
Adults CHF 30.- CHF 26.- CHF 18.-
Children CHF 20.- CHF 14.- CHF 14.-
School Groups CHF 16.- CHF 14.-
Adults groups (+10 persons) CHF 26.- CHF 16.-